Accepting to proceed with any proposals and/or works will act as confirmation that you  have read, understood, accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:





Written Estimates are valid for three weeks unless otherwise stated on the estimate. By their nature, estimates are subject to change due to fluctuation in the market or unforeseen circumstances which may lead to additional materials/labour being required to complete the job. These circumstances may arise due to but are not limited to, inadequate existing electrical installations, changes in building fabric, hidden obstacles or services and/or supplier delivery/carriage charges.




Quotes are valid for three weeks unless otherwise stated in writing. Quotes are fixed price proposals that will not change for the work being carried out but which only include the work stated in writing on the quote, please read carefully and ensure that all the work you require is listed on the quote.


Example Scenario where a quote can incur extras: 


You get a written quote from MFS to change over 6 downlights in your kitchen from halogen to LED, upon starting the job our engineer discovers that the existing connections are not up to standard as they are not protected by anything other than tape. We stop work and inform you. You decide to go ahead, so we inform you of the additional cost, in this case 6 snap-over connector boxes and an extra 30 minutes labour. Meaning that now you as the customer must pay for the original quote price as well as the price of the extra required materials and labour.




Extras are when situations occur which were not in the original quote or estimate. These can be because of a change you, as the customer, has asked for or because of something else that is required to complete the job to a high standard or within regulations. No Extras can be added without your permission. As always we endeavour to inform you of any extras that will be incurred at the start of the job but, as this is not always possible, we can only guarantee to inform you as soon as we become aware of the situation.


Example 1:


You ask MFS for a written quote to add in additional sockets to an existing circuit. However your existing Consumer unit (Fusebox) has no additional protection for socket outlets (RCDs) which is required by current regulations for all socket outlets in this case an RCD would have to be fitted to comply with regulations. and as such would be an extra because it was not included in the original scope of works detailed in the quote. We will inform you of this and request permission to go ahead with the work at the new price. We could not just install the extra sockets as per the original quote because we would be breaching the regulations, so unless you agree to the new price work would cease and you would be liable to cover the cost of Materials already installed and any labour charge incurred whilst installing which would be in line with, or under the price of the original quote or estimate even though the job could not be completed by energising the sockets. 


Example 2:


You ask MFS for a quote or estimate to change your consumer unit/fusebox. You go ahead with the work. During the course of the work we discover that a cable feeding one of your existing circuits is undersized, work will cease and you will be informed of this and any extra charge incurred to remedy it. If you decide not to proceed with the extra at the new price An Electrical Danger Notification will be issued and the undersized cable will be left disconnected. This would be for safety reasons and to comply with current regulations. The remainder of the work quoted for will continue and your consumer unit and existing circuits will be energised apart from the circuit fed by the undersized cable. you will still be liable to pay the full cost of the quote or estimate but this means that you could loose a function of your original installation. e.g. no longer any power to sockets in the living room. 


Example 3:


You ask MFS for a quote to change socket faceplates as they are looking tired, you go ahead with the work. The sockets that we are fitting are as agreed in the quote white plastic. You then decide that you want the kitchen sockets to be chrome. We inform you of the extra charge applicable and you decide that you don't want to go ahead with the new price. The original quote will be fulfilled and the white sockets will be fitted in the kitchen. At the same time you decide you want black nickel finish sockets in the hall, but the white sockets have already been installed. You would now need to pay for the original quote as the sockets in the hall were already changed as per the original quote but if you decided to go ahead with the black nickel sockets in the hall an extra charge of labour and the price of the sockets would be added to the quote. The price of the extra is now the cost of supplying and fitting the new requested sockets. and the "just fitted" white plastic sockets will be left with you.





MFS will only fit goods which conform to British Standards. We take no responsibility for goods supplied by the customer which prove to be damaged or faulty and as such reserve the right to charge to fit replacements etc.


Any goods supplied by MFS will conform to British Standards, be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and be as described. Goods shall be installed to BS7671 or manufacturers instructions.


Any guarantees received with the goods will be passed on to the customer, alongside any documentation required to validate these guarantees.


MFS will not be held responsible for any damage or misuse of the materials by the customer, either accidentally or otherwise, any damage caused by the customer in their own attempt to repair the goods or any defects or faults known to the customer before goods being purchased e.g. discounted materials due to small cosmetic damage such as a scratched socket.


If the goods supplied are faulty, MFS will offer a full or part refund, replacement or repair or a price reduction. These remedies are at the discretion of MFS and are dependant on a number of factors such as, but not limited to:


  • the length of time the customer has owned the goods;
  • any wear and tear.


Goods will be delivered as quickly as possible and in any case no more than 30 days after the agreed date.



Cancellation Rights



Definitions of on and off premises contracts:


When MFS visits a consumer in their home and leaves a quotation (or sends one to them later), allowing them to decide and enter into a contract when they are ready to do so, You and MFS will be entering into an 'on-premises contract'. This is because this transaction does not fall within the definition of an 'off-premises contract' unless the consumer agrees to the contract immediately after the trader has left their home, nor is it a 'distance contract’. This is important as most of our work is done this way and will, therefore, fall under the requirements for on-premises contracts. This means that MFS do not have to give cancellation rights. However, if MFS and You will be entering into off-premises contracts in those situations when MFS visits you, the customer and agrees a contract there and then.


Your right to cancel and receive a full or partial refund will depend on:

  • when and how the arrangements were made;
  • whether or not the work has commenced;
  • if you have ordered ‘made to measure’ or standard products.


Arrangements made on the business premises:


If you made arrangements for the work in our place of business, e.g. in our office, your right to cancel will depend on whether or not the work has started.


Cancelling BEFORE the work has started:


You can cancel the work as long as you have not entered into a contract and you won’t have to pay anything. A contract is formed when either you or MFS makes an offer and the other party accepts.

You have a contract if you have:


  • signed a written agreement
  • agreed to a quote or estimate (written or verbal)
  • agreed a starting date
  • paid a deposit
  • verbally told us to go ahead with the work


If you do have a contract, then cancelling will be breaking that agreement, unless:


  • you have agreed conditions for cancelling (such as a cancellation charge);
  • MFS have not met their contractual obligation (e.g. the work has not been carried out within a reasonable time or we have missed the final deadline.)
  • you feel you were misled or pressured into agreeing for work to be carried out.


We may ask you to pay for either or both of the following:


  • a cancellation fee of up to 25% of the original quote value
  • any loss of earnings caused by the cancellation (e.g. if we have set aside time to do your work and cannot book another job for the same period.)


If you gave a deposit we may hold some or all of it to help cover the costs incurred.



Cancelling AFTER the work has started


MFS will only begin work if you have formed a contract, either written or verbal. If you wish to cancel we may require you to pay for any or all of the following:


  • a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the original quote, depending on the value of the work cancelled;
  • labour costs up until the time you cancelled;
  • any items installed or fitted that cannot be removed without damaging them;
  • the return cost of any items that have been delivered but not installed (or can be easily uninstalled);
  • any loss of profit caused by your cancellation (e.g. where we have set aside time to do your work and another job cannot be booked for the same period.) 
  • If you agreed to the work away from the business premises:




 ‘Cooling-off’ Period


You have a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days to cancel and get a refund if you have arranged the service:


  • over the phone
  • on the internet
  • by mail
  • somewhere outside of our premises e.g. your home or workplace in line with the definitions above


Your cancellation rights after the ‘cooling-off’ period are the same as if you’d arranged the work whilst on our business premises.


You have no ‘cooling-off’ period if:


  • you have something specially made - for example, made to measure light fittings;
  • you invite MFS into your home for urgent repairs or maintenance - for example, when you ask us to come and make safe a dangerous situation.


When the ‘cooling-off’ period begins


Your ‘cooling-off’ period will begin the day after you agree for the work to be done. For any goods that you have ordered as part of the work (materials), your ‘cooling-off’ period for returning them depends on the type of order:


  • if you have ordered a single item, or several items that will be delivered in one batch, your ‘cooling-off’ period begins the day after the delivery is made;
  • if you have placed a one off order for several different items that will be delivered at different times, you ‘cooling-off’ period starts the day after the last item is delivered;
  • if you have placed an order for several deliveries of the same items over a period of time, your ‘cooling-off’ period begins the day after the first delivery.



Cancelling if the work has NOT yet started


You can cancel and get all of your money back if MFS has not started the work and your are still within the 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period. You can do this via phone, email or through our Facebook Messenger service.



Cancelling if work HAS started


If you asked for the service to be provided during the ‘cooling-off’ period you will be liable to pay part of the agreed price. The amount will depend on how much work has been completed when you ask to cancel. If MFS begins the work during this period without your approval you will have the right to cancel and be refunded all costs.


For example: You hire MFS to do a partial rewire. You use our Facebook messenger service to arrange the work. You ask us to begin the work as soon as possible, so we start the work the next day by raggling and installing cables. You then decide you do not want the rest of the work done as it is causing too much disruption. You negotiate with us to finish the circuit we are working on, for which you pay £100. The rest of the job is cancelled and there is no further payment due. If you had items installed that now cannot be physically removed without damaging them, MFS may argue that you have lost the right to cancel. If removing an item reduces its value, for example because of wear and tear, MFS may only give you a partial refund due to this. Even if items were installed or fitted as part of the work and can be uninstalled, you may still have to pay for their return.



Whilst Work is in Progress


For the duration of the agreed works, MFS and its representatives shall be in charge of the area(s) where work is being carried out. In some cases the onsite engineer will be allowed to ask the homeowner/tenant etc to leave the area for reasons of health and safety such as but not limited to:


• Live electrical work

• Testing

• Processes which create excessive amounts of dust

• hazardous materials such as protruding nails/screws


Failure to comply with the instructions of the engineer and/or erected barriers/signage means that MFS cannot be held liable for any injuries or losses. 


Instances of unsafe electrical situations 


When on site if MFS or any of its representatives Finds an unsafe situation you agree that the representative on site can issue you with an Electrical Danger Notification and that you will sign it to say that you have received it.

Furthermore you agree to the engineer on site rectifying the situation through isolation or disconnection. This is to ensure your safety and ensure our compliance with relevant regulations and legislation.

MFS can accept no responsibility where the recommendations of the Electrical Danger Notification have not been followed e.g. where MFS has disconnected or isolated an unsafe circuit and you later decide to reconnect it before having a repair carried out.




Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment of invoice is due on the day of work completion. We understand that, for various reasons, this may not be possible. In this case we will, with discretion, offer a period of seven days (immediately following the day of invoicing) for the full sum to be paid.


In all cases where the value of work exceeds £500 but falls below £999 the total sum of materials plus a 10% deposit on labour charge is due 48 hours before commencement of work. The outstanding balance is due on the date of the completion of works.


In all cases where the value of work exceeds £999 the total sum of materials plus a 10% deposit on labour charge is due seven days before commencement of work. The outstanding balance is due on  the date of the completion of works.



Payment Methods


MFS will accept only the following payment methods:


Debit/Credit card - Visa, Visa Pay, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express

Electronic bank transfer

Apple Pay

Android Pay

Contactless Payment (when in line with card provider terms and conditions)

MFS cannot guarantee availability of any payment system at any time due to external influences.


Agreement to have photos and/or videos taken


You agree by commencing any work or agreeing to any proposals that MFS has the right to take photographs and/or videos of our work and in some cases its surroundings or intended use for promotional or other purposes. No Customers shall be photographed or filmed unless they specifically ask to be in the photo and/or video.



On site advertising


In Domestic properties, You agree to, when MFS request whilst working on site or within 30 days of job completion, display a small advertising board no larger than A2 size paper for the duration of the job and up to four weeks after completion in a prominent location of your choosing on your property. You Agree to return the Advertising board in good condition or pay to have it restored to good condition or replaced.


In Commercial and Industrial Properties, You agree to, When MFS request whilst working on site or within 30 days of job completion Display advertisement banners or boards for the duration of the job and up to four weeks after completion. 

Details of where the banners or boards are to be placed are negotiable but must be in a prominent location. MFS will in all cases endeavour not to detract from the original advertisements for the original company by making our advertisements smaller than the existing signage (this excludes properties without existing signage/advertisements).



After the work is completed


If you are unsatisfied with the work that has been carried out, you must contact us within seven days of the completion date. Our lead electrician will make a visit to inspect the work and if it is found to be of unsatisfactory quality arrangements will be made to rectify the situation.




MFS Electrical reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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